Working on the ears, using a combination of reflexes and functional acupressure points - a very focused, energising form of reflexology.

Hair - long hair will be tied or clipped back away from the ears.

Remove - any earrings, where possible. Auricular reflexology may not be recommended if you have a very recent ear piercing which is still healing.

Few people have had their ears worked on therapeutically before, but when you try it you'll discover that auricular reflexology feels surprisingly good! This type of reflexology is relaxing but also quite energising; it's ideal for a shorter (or combination) session as both ears are worked at the same time, either sitting upright or reclining. It can be particularly helpful for the relief and management of pain.

History & background

The reflexes on the ear were identified and laid out by Dr. Paul Nogier, a French neurologist, in the mid-twentieth century. Unlike the feet and hands, the 'map' of the body on the ear is upside-down, resembling the pose of an inverted foetus. Auricular reflexology also uses many of the same functional points that are used in auricular acupuncture, simply working the external surface of the ear rather than using needles.

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Auricular reflexology