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I can tailor regular sessions with any combination of different types of reflexology and Indian Head Massage techniques to suit your needs, though the length of your session may be a guide to what's most suitable:

30 minutes - if you're short on time, auricular or hand reflexology are good options for an express session; Reflexology Lymph Drainage could also work as a short standalone. Indian Head Massage as a standalone treatment also lasts for half an hour.

One hour - this would be the 'standard' session length, ideal for a full relaxing foot treatment or a blended session - I can suggest combinations to best suit you.

90 minutes - the deluxe version! For an extra-long pampering session I recommend some deeply calming facial reflexology to begin, followed by a full foot or hand treatment to totally relax.

Your first session

Please allow up to 30 minutes of extra time for your first session (so for one hour of reflexology, allow an hour and a half). This is for a health and wellbeing consultation so I can understand your needs and what type of reflexology or combination will suit you best.

The first reflexology session is always a full exploratory treatment which allows me to learn more about your state of health and how your body responds; this then forms the basis of your bespoke treatment plan for future sessions. For this reason, the first session must be a minimum of one hour.


Before &

after care

Regular sessions

Following your session, it's helpful to observe how your body responds. You may find that you experience some temporary symptoms which might include:

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Cold-like symptoms
  • Increased urination or bowel movements
  • Feeling unusually warm or cold
  • Changes in sleep patterns
  • A change in any of your presenting conditions
  • A more positive attitude or feeling of calm

These are generally no cause for concern, but it's useful to note anything you experience and let me know at your next session; understanding your response enables me to make sure subsequent treatments take your needs into account.
If you feel that you need to rest afterwards, do so if possible - this will help you to get the full benefit from your session. It may also help to

  • drink a couple of glasses of water to stay well hydrated;
  • eat lighter meals; and
  • reduce caffeine, alcohol and cigarette intake.

What to expect from your first session, suggestions for regular treatments and aftercare information.