Beauty comes from within! The wellbeing benefits of reflexology, with the added bonus of an outward healthy glow.

History & background

Facial reflexology

Clothing - it's helpful to wear a collarless top if possible.

Remove - earrings and necklaces wherever possible.

Face care - cold sores or minor cuts will be covered. If you have recently had a face lift, Botox or facial fillers, please contact me for advice as facial reflexology may not be suitable for you.


bergman method

What is it like?

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This deeply calming form of reflexology is received while reclining, allowing you to drift off into total relaxation aided by a few drops of beautifully scented organic facial oil. It shares the wellbeing benefits of other types of reflexology but may also be especially helpful for relieving sinus problems, headaches, sleep problems and migraines, owing to the direct work on the face.

These inner benefits are coupled with beauty advantages too, bringing radiance to your complexion and naturally stimulating collagen and elastin production for a smoother, toned look. I am also trained in Facelift Massage techniques which can be combined with facial reflexology for the ultimate glow, inside and out!

Ziggie Bergman's Zone Face Lift techniques have been recommended by the likes of Harper's Bazaar, Get The Gloss and Hip & Healthy magazines.

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Bergman zone method facial reflexology was developed by Ziggie Bergman after years of reflexology practice and studying with Native American shamans and healers in New Mexico. It works in accordance with Dr Fitzgerald's 'Zone Theory' and combines pressure point massage with Native American techniques and Asian body mapping.