Hand reflexology also dates back to ancient Egypt and is depicted on the same tomb painting showing therapists working on the feet.

As with the feet, the reflexes on the hands resemble a 'map' of the body in miniature with the head represented at the fingers/thumbs and the base of the spine at the wrist.

Clothing - hand reflexology also involves light massage to the forearms, so it helps if possible to wear a top with loose sleeves that can be pushed up to the elbow.

Remove - rings and wrist jewellery/watches if possible; no additional clothing needs to be removed.

Handcare - minor warts, cuts etc. can be covered during treatment.

Hand reflexology

Good to know...

Not as well known as foot reflexology, but a good treatment on the hands is every bit as relaxing and effective!

History & background

Hand reflexology can be received either sitting upright or, for extra relaxation, reclining as with foot reflexology - whichever is most comfortable for you. A few drops of gentle base oil (I use organic grapeseed oil) are applied to make it easier to work the hands.

It's great for anyone with foot problems or people who aren't keen on having their feet touched; it's also useful for self-care as it's easy to learn a few key points to work at home between sessions.

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